Sabadì is perhaps the day that does not exist.
It’s the day when we slow down, we reflect on what is really important.
It’s the day when we think about what the quality of life really is and what we are doing to achieve it.
It’s the day when we try to take the time to enjoy the little things.
It’s the day when we find the forgotten taste of apricots that we picked in the country as children.
It’s the day when we discover how different one apple can be from another.

slow living

Simone Sabaini

We have chosen to live in Sicily, a beautiful and exciting land, rich in light and contrast. A land in which you can still savour the slow passing of time and afford the luxury of cultivating
great passions

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raw chocolate

We make an upright chocolate that excuses no cheats. We cold work it, in the traditional way, preserving all the exceptional properties and aromas of cocoa . A chocolate amazingly aromatic and persistent.

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il tempo - prenditi il giusto tempo per assaporare il cioccolato di modica sabadì

We are open in Modica!
Among time, beauty and swallow’s flight you’ll find all our passion and love for this beautiful land. Just one step from
St George’s Cathedral

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