Magazine Sabadì: non solo Cioccolato di Modica.

Bellezza è Verità, Verità è Bellezza. Solo questo sapete sulla terra, ed è quanto basta - John Keats - 

Sabadì Modica Chocolate got the organic certification


Our production facility is now organic certified! Starting from September our Modica Chocolate and all the new products coming in Autumn  will be progressively organic certified. For us the organic certification is a natural evolution of the original choice to use only natural and  organic ingredients coming from Fair Trade producers and Slow Food presidia. […]

Sabadì Modica chocolate at Taste Festival Berlin

taste festival berlin1

Our Modica chocolate have been selected by Illustrative betweeen the best producers in Europe combining  quality and design to attend the “Taste Festival Berlin” During the Festivale will be also assigned the Best Packaging Awards 2012 We are among finalists. Let’s cross fingers 🙂 The Taste Festival is a 10-days-Festival in Berlin introducing outstanding designers, […]