New functional chocolate line preview : The Quality of life

cioccolato biologico funzionale1

Why not looking at chocolate from a different perspective?

Cocoa is as a fantastic raw material and the cold working process
preserves all its exceptional functional properties.

We started from the cocoa’s 5 great properties.

We looked at 5 elements that bring “Quality of Life”

We worked hard for 18 months together with a prestigious italian University.

Maybe a new way of making chocolate .




Organic raw chocolate with Açaí berries,
rosehip, red orange zest,grape seed extract
green tea extract


Organic raw chocolate with Ashwaganda,
Schizandra berries and licorice


Organic raw chocolate with bee pollen,
pomegranate extract and acerola


Organic raw chocolate with maca,
damiana and cola nuts


Organic raw chocolate with Panax Ginseng,
pumpkin seeds and nutmeg


P.S. They taste fantastic 🙂

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